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December 20, 2021



      At the core, of every mystery, is the truth.  It takes courage, and faith, to step into the mystery, and slowly unravel, each layer, until, at last, the cloak falls, revealing the truth.  And, standing, in the light, of the truth, you are standing, in the knowing.  For, if you had not had the courage, and the faith, to enter the mystery, in search, of the truth, you would not, now, hold the knowing of it.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not hesitate to walk into the chambers of a mystery, and make your way to the core, where the truth is waiting, where the truth will be revealed, to those, who have the courage, and the faith, to step into that role, and search.  And for those, who search, and seek, they will find the truth.  And, once it is found, you know it.  You do not think it.  You do not guess it.  You do not believe it, because another told you.  You know it, because you sought it, and in the seeking, it was revealed to you.