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December 21, 2021



      Be not afraid.  Draw nearer to Me.  Stand in My Light, so you can see.  For those, who walk in My Light, know no fear, no doubt, no worry, nor anxiety.  Whatever is, welling-up from, within you, bothering you, whatever is holding you, to the past, whatever seems to be looming, in the future, before you, these things are of fear.  And for those, who walk in Light, there is no fear, there is illumination.  Whatever is tempting you, or threatening you, is seen, by you, in The Light.  And with the knowing, that you have My Power, you cast from you all darkness and shadow, outright, and you embrace My Light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not fall victim to fear, because it is unnecessary.  Stand, in The Light of God, so that all things are illuminated, in truth.  And when you see, in truth, darkness and shadow, cast it from you, reject it, and choose The Power of The Light of God.  For, you are, of The Light of God.  You are of God.  Be victorious, in The Power of The Light, so that you will never fall victim, to the threats of darkness and shadow.  Claim your victory in The Light of God.