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December 22, 2021



      The way to joy, and peace, is through quiet contentment, with what you have.  Do not waste your time, longing for that, which is not with you, now.  Celebrate, and be thankful, for that, which is with you, now.  It is in this way, you find contentment; and within contentment, you will be at peace; and from within peace, a well of joy will rise-up, offering a cup.  Take the cup, that comes from the well of joy, and drink of it, freely.  It is yours, just as contentment, is yours, just as all that you have, now, is yours.  I give you all you need, to complete your mission, and come Home.  Be content with that.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Focus on what is with you, today.  Do not be distracted by what you think you need, what you think will bring you joy and peace.  Stop, turn around, and look at what you have, now.  No matter how small, or how great, that, which you have, now, might be, it is the perfect allotment for your mission, and what you need, at the time.  Take stock.  Notice how that, which you have, now, fits so perfectly into your mission, upon Earth.  At each phase of your mission, what you truly need will come to you.  This requires faith, it requires trust, and it requires courage.  Be still, be quiet, and be content with that, which is yours, today.