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December 23, 2021



      If you are holding on to another person, in fear that they are slipping away, have courage, and release.  Let them go their own way.  If you are holding on to a material object, afraid that someone might take it from you, or that you might lose it, in some way, take courage, and release it, and let it be.  If you are holding on to money, or jewelry, in fear that you might lose it, it might be taken from you, have courage, and release it, and let it be.  If you are holding on to a position, or a job, you feel will be taken from you, if you do not cling to it, with zeal, have courage, release it, and see, what might be.  Hold to you, memories, of times when you have called on Me, and I have answered your plea.  Hold on to the memories, of when you have reached-out to help another, without any expectation of return.  Hold on to the sunsets, and the sunrise, warm summer days, and snowy winter evenings.  Hold on to, the memories, and create more.  Let your thoughts be free to do good, and to forgive.  Let your words be gentle, and compassionate.  Let your deeds rise-up in the light of the sun, so all might see, how freely you did give.  These are precious, more valuable than gold, or silver, or any other material objects.  What you create, with your thoughts, and words, and deeds, will live forever.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       See this day, as you ride upon The Wind.  Come into My arms, and I will take you around every bend, and show you, all that is possible.  It will be revealed to you; but first, be free, and come with Me.