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December 24, 2021



      When you find the strength, and the courage, and the faith, to rise-up, and do, that which I ask you to do, there will always come the day, when you will stand, in My light, at the precipice, looking out, to see all that was set in place, so that you might complete the task, in glory.  You stand, and you look, before you take the step into fulfillment, and completion.  And it is a time of great celebration.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you find the courage, and the faith, and the strength, to rise-up, to that which is asked of you, as you make it through, the task, you gain in energy, energy that will last you, and bless you.  God will shower upon you the grace to reach the end.  When the task is almost complete, (and) you stand, hesitant, for a while, to step into the completion, because the journey has been so great, and so fulfilling.  But there you are, at last, ready to step into the completion, to the fulfillment of that which was asked of you.