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December 25, 2021 – Christmas Day



      A Light has been sent, unto the world.  And it is because of this Light, that you, too, are The LightThe Light, that has been sent, into the world, will clear the darkness and shadow, so you might know The Way.  But from within you, too, there is The Light, which will clear, the shadow and darkness, and show The Way.  The Light, that was sent unto the world, spoke, in darkness and shadow, and said, with every flicker, and glowing flame, you, too, can do, what I do, you, too, can to the same.  A Light, has been sent, unto the world, rejoice.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When night settles, upon the hillside, and the sheep, and the cattle, are the only occupants there, there comes a great Light, and The Light is of peace, and they feel The Presence, in the air.  During darkness and shadow The Light will come to you, too, because there is a Light, burning, within you.  And The Light, within you, will recognize The Light, and together ascend, out of darkness and shadow, into a new day.