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December 28, 2021



      When you are approaching an intersection, and there is a traffic signal, you do not know each driver, walker, or rider, will pay attention to the sign they are given.  Often, you look both ways, before you move into the intersection, even when the light is green.  You use discernment.  Even when the sign, is telling you to go, you often proceed, with caution, because you do not know the mind of those around you.  Will they stop, or proceed with caution?  You hope they will.  But you cannot be absolutely sure.  You cannot know they will follow the sign, as directed.  When you come to a point in your life, when there is change, and you do not know how to proceed, it is much like a traffic intersection.  Let me direct you.  Let Me help you navigate.  I will show you The Way because I know The Way.  When you call My name, and ask for help, help will be specifically for you.  And now you might ask, “How do I know it is you, God?”  And I whisper to you, as My son, as My daughter, The Way to know it is Me, is to get to know Me better.  Sit with Me, talk with Me, laugh, and dance, with Me, and you will come to know My ways.  You will know the feeling of My presence.  You will hear the still, small voice, within, and there will be no doubt.  I will show you The Way.  I will send messengers with signs, just for you.  You are My child, and I love you.  I will not lead you astray.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are times, in your life, when you do not know what to do, which way to go.  And when those times come to you, be still, and ask for direction, from within.  God has sent to each of you The Holy Spirit, and I dwell within you.  I know your ways.  I know your thoughts.  I hear your words.  I know the deeds you have done.  Be still, and ask for guidance, and The Ways of Heaven will be yours.  Do not fear.  Do not doubt.  Ask, and it shall be given unto you.