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December 29, 2021



      The answer is held within the question.  The truth is held within the mystery.  The answer, and the truth, are often hidden in plain view, hidden, because each of you is looking for that which you expect to find.  Therefore, you can walk past the answer, deny the truth, even when it is right in front of you.  The king did not travel, with his army, to protect you.  The King came, and lived amongst you, so you might see, and know, all that you can do.  There is The Example.  There is The Template.  It is hidden, in clear view.  The answer is held, within the question.  The truth is held, within the mystery.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      It is easy to get lost, when you are travelling, expecting certain signs, to be in certain places.  Stop expecting, what you think will happen, and open to accept that which is with you, that which is happening, now.  Look for the answer in the question.  Look for the truth in the mystery.