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December 30, 2021


      Whenever sickness, or an ailment, enters your body, you will be well, sooner: if you cleanse your body; if you wear clean clothing; if you rest, and drink fluids; if you change your perspective, to getting better, to healing, to standing in the light of the sun, to breathing in wellness, and exhaling all disease.  When you are sick, all of these ailments, will leave you, with a change in perspective.  Do not dwell, within the sickness.  Rise-up in knowing, knowing what to do, so that you might feel better, and move on with your life.  And it is the same when sickness, or ailment, enters your spirit, knocks at your soul, weakens your heart, with sadness, and grief, and doubt, and anger.  These things, of shadow and darkness, can bring sickness, as well.  But whenever this occurs, you have the opportunity to rid yourself, of this spiritual disease.  Change your perspective: do not dwell in your anger, or hatred; do not sit in your grief, or worry.  Change your perspective to: look toward the healing; bring forth The Light, within you; and, let it move into every crack, and crevice, so that you might see what needs to be pulled out of thee.  Cast it from thee.  Fling it from thee.  Stand in The Light.  Refuse to go into shadow and darkness.  And soon, your spirit will be healed, and better.  You have the power, within you, to heal body, soul, and spirit.  Do not deny your power.  Do not reject the opportunity.  Rise-up, in The Light, and be healed.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is quite obvious, when someone is anger.  You can see it, on their face.  It is quite obvious, when someone is feeling kindness, in their heart.  You can see it in their face.  It is obvious, when someone is in love, because you can see it, in their face.  Powerful dark shadow energies are obvious, on the face, on the body.  But powerful energies of Light are also obvious, apparent, on the face, on the body.  If you can see, with your own eyes, the power, of these energies, this should be evidence enough, of what you can do, when you choose to use The Energies of Light.  Keep them fresh, within you.  Distribute them, wherever you go, so all will see, and know, the power, held in The Light of God.