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December 31, 2021



The last day of the year presents the opportunity to address unresolved anger, frustration, even hatred, that you might hold, within you, from a relationship, or an event.  Even though the relationship, or the events, might have ended, it is possible to carry the residue, within you, the energies, within you.  And the residues of anger, and hatred, animosity, they will reside, within you, distorting your vision, until you have cleaned them, and cleared them, completely, away.  It is much like a windshield, that has dirt and grime on it, on the outside.  Your vision is not clear, when the windshield is dirty.  Yet, when you try to wipe it away, the wipers often smear it, all over the windshield, completely distorting your vision.  It is necessary to stop driving, lift-up the wiper, clear the residue, from the wiper, and thoroughly clean the windshield.  Then, you are prepared to drive, with clear vision.  Apply this to the grime, and the residue, you are carrying, within you.  Address it today, the last day of this year.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you are attempting to clean anything, doing it half-way, or haphazardly, does not clean the area.  If you are attempting to clean a mirror, smearing around the dirt and debris, only makes the vision harder to see.  You must clean thoroughly, to be free of the debris.  Apply this to the energy you carry, within thee.  It was not said, “love one another, except for that one, over there.”  It is clear.  Love one another, with no exception, with no exclusion.  Love one another.