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January 1, 2022


      There will come many days, during the coming year, when you are given the opportunity to practice, Turn the Other Cheek.  And this will rarely, if ever, have anything to do with being struck.  It will have more to do with piercing words, which sting.  And when you reach this time, reject the temptation to retaliate.  Turn your head towards Me, and I will whisper words of wisdom, and you will find the strength, to resist, the temptation, to retaliate, and you will Turn the Other Cheek.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are faced, with verbal combat, it is tempting, to retaliate.  Resist the temptation, because verbal combat, carries negative energy.  It is as a doorway, into darkness and shadow; and for each retort, more energies, of darkness and shadow, are created; and it escalates, and the anger and frustration begin to dominate your thoughts; and, it is harsh.  But if you can find the courage, to Turn the Other Cheek, the energies, of darkness and shadow, do not increase.  They stay where they are.  It stops with you, and this is important to do.  It is important, for all of Earth, because you are refusing, to contaminate Earth with more, and more negative energy.  It is noble.  It is of The Light.