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January 2, 2022



      “I AM with you.  Draw nearer to Me.  Be still.  And when you are still, you feel the air, around you.  It is moving, because I AM there, with you.  My Presence is with you.  We can walk, and talk, together.  You can share, with Me, those things that trouble you, and I will be there, with you, and you will find peace.  You will always be at peace, in My Presence.  Even when the times appear difficult, and challenging, you can always face them with My Peace.  I AM with you.                                      

“I wish to speak to you today about inspiration. 

      “The story, held within the binding of a book, does not begin with the first word.  That first word is written, only after there is one, who will say yes, to the inspiration.  And each of you is inspired, by The Holy Spirit of God, at one time or another; and, some of you are in constant inspiration.  The temptation is to believe, that you are not able to do that, which you are inspired to do, from within.  It might require that you set yourself aside, and talk with Me, so that I might encourage thee, to do that, which you are inspired to do; for every single book, ever written, by the hand of a human being, took courage, and faith, and trust, to begin, to even begin.  But once you open the flood gates, once you say yes, the inspiration continues to flow, and you turn around, and before you know, there you have written the story, which was inspired, within you.  It might be similar, to other stories, written, or told, but when it passes through you there is something very different, a twist, and turn, in the story, that makes it compelling, because it is inspiration.

      “Once you are inspired, do not lose it.  Feed the inspiration.  And we are using the example of writing a book, but it could pertain to anything, which you are inspired to do.  The inspiration will require something of you.  But that is how you put your energy into that, which you are being asked to do.  It is uniquely your own.  And when you are inspired it takes into consideration your talents, your abilities, your gifts.  If you know nothing about the body of a vehicle, you are not going to be inspired to write a book about auto mechanics.  You will be inspired to write about what you know.  And even more beautiful than that, what you know, which is inspired by The Holy Spirit.  You are working with spirit to create something of value.

      “Today, I encourage you, especially those, who have received inspiration, today.  Feed the inspiration, so it can grow.  Reject the temptation to starve it, so it withers.  The Holy Spirit of God is within each one of you; therefore, inspiration is within each one of you.  Embrace that gift, from The Holy Spirit of God, and do that, which you are inspired to do.”