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January 2, 2022



      To each of you comes the gift of inspiration.  Some of you are inspired, constantly.  Inspiration flows, like a river, to thee.  Some of you are inspired, occasionally, and it waits, for you to look, and see, what is in the well of inspiration.  It does not matter how often it comes to you.  What is important is, when you are inspired to do, that you do.  You have been given the gift of free will, as well.  So, you can feed the inspiration, or starve the inspiration.  You can embrace, the inspiration, or turn from it.  But these words, of encouragement, I give to you, those of you, who are often tempted to reject the inspiration.  You would not be inspired to do something, if you were not able, to do it.  If you are inspired to write a poem, write down, what is coming to you.  Whatever you are inspired to do, let it flow, through you, because it is inspiration, you are inspired.  It is The Holy Spirit, within you, doing what The Holy Spirit was sent to do.  You will be surprised, at what will flow through you, if you are willing to do, that, which you are inspired to do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      I whisper, you feel My Presence.  Even before you hear the whisper, you can feel My Presence.  I AM stirring, within you, encouraging you to rise-up, and do.  Do that, which is flowing to you, and let it flow through you.  Once you do this, you will understand, more completely, the words your brother, Jesus, said, so frequently, as He walked, upon the Earth.  He would say, “These are not My words.  These are the words of The Father.”  He was inspired to speak, inspired to perform miracles, inspired to teach, by The Way, He lived.  Inspiration!  Be inspired, by His words, because they were not empty.  They were golden vessels, filled with The Wisdom of God, and they can flow, through you, too, when you do, that, which you are inspired to do.








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