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December 5, 2023


          When your heart hosts a song of sadness, do not try to push it down, nor set it aside.  Be still and quiet and sit with what is happening, within you.  Sit with Me and we will follow the corridors of your inner being, traversing hallways and pathways until we see exactly what is tempting thee to remorse and tears.  Together we will pull the threads, gathering them together, forming a patchwork quilt.  The project will reveal each piece of hurt, rejection, loneliness, possibly even pride will be one of the squares inside the framework of our work, together.  Once you see, you will know.  I will whisper and touch each square, acknowledging the lessons there.  As we work, the quilt will fade, piece by piece disappearing, leaving only treasured lessons and My peace, with us.  Do not wait, come to Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:


          If you remember that you are not created for sadness, then you will recognize when the energy is slipping into your being.  Seek silent stillness with Me and we will both see, and know, bless, and release, and rise to a new day, free from guilt and shame, freed from sadness, soaring into the light of a new day.  Come, and soar, with Me.