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February 1, 2022


      I give you a song to sing.  So, sing it, and let it ring-out over all the Earth.  For, the song, I send you to sing, is a song of truth, and grace, and mercy, and love.  And the song is filled with light.  It is a story of My love for you.  Sing it.  From deep within your heart, sing it.  From your spirit, and your soul, let it flow out, so all will know, the story of My love for you; for, it is true for each of you.  You have a song to sing, and it is truth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God does not leave you without song.  God is The Source of The Song of All Creation.  It is a song of truth, and joy.  Its vibration is light, and the energy of The Kingdom of God, and it is within you to sing it.  So, let it ring-out from your spirit, your soul.  Let your physical lungs be filled with the story that is to be told, through the song, God has given you, to sing.