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February 2, 2022



      Listen, and hear, the cries around you.  There are those, crying from pain, wounded.  There are those, crying from fear, and doubt.  There are those, crying from loneliness.  There are those, crying from sickness, and hunger, and thirst.  There are those, crying; and when you listen, and hear, then you become My ear, My hands, My eyes, My feet.  Whatever you will for the least, you are doing in My name.  My Spirit dwells, within you.  Use the energy, of My Spirit, to bring peace, to those, who are in chaos and confusion, to wipe the tears away.  This is how it is intended to be, upon the Earth, that you are My word.  You have seen The Living Word, through teachings, and readings.  Now, it is time for you to be the living word.  You have all the directions, all the instructions, all you need, to accomplish these selfless deeds.  When one comes to you, in need, be still, and hear My Whisper.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is a blessing to be asked; and it is a blessing to receive.  It is a circular event occurring, when one, in need, finds the answer, within your kindness, your forgiveness, your thoughtfulness.  Be at peace this day and know, that you are upon the Earth, to live, in such a way, that all those you encounter remember the day, that they asked, and you said, yes, and they felt The Presence of God.