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February 3, 2022


      There is a place, for you to go, unique to each of you; but each of you will know, when you have found, that place to go, to sit in quiet, and speak with Me.  And as we talk, I will tell you, of the love I have for you.  And this love, I have for you, will flow into you, and through you, and you will know, love.  We will talk of forgiveness, you and Me.  And My forgiveness will move into you, and through you, and you will know, forgiveness.  And in our time together, alone, just you, and Me, you will find peace, in our unity.  And this peace will move into you, and through you, and unite us, in The Golden Light of My love, My forgiveness, My peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your day will be marked, in a sacred way, if you will take the time to be still, and quiet, and sit with God.  There is no need for you to say anything, because, at first, God will bring the topic, that will ring with truth, and fill you with comfort, and peace.  You might ask for one thing, but God knows what you need.  Therefore, sit quietly, at first, and then you will begin to know, and then you will grow, in The Wisdom Ways of God, for God will tell you, exactly what you need to know.