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February 11, 2022



      What I wish for you to know, today, is the significance, the importance, of the role you are to play, in connecting all the threads along The Way, in this tapestry, this living tapestry, that is called creation.  Do not look to the right, or to the left, of you, seeing what others might do, so you might follow, too.  Go within.  I have sent to you My Spirit to guide you, counsel you, and give you direction, when you ask.  Take your direction, receive the instruction, and know the guidance, from within, because all of the threads, of the tapestry, are not the same color.  Some are even shimmering colors, iridescent.  Others might be flat, and rich, and deep, almost somber, in tone.  But, it all works, together, and the vibration, ringing from this tapestry, is the song of creation.  It is not one note.  It is many notes, coming together, as one symphony, many threads, many colors, coming together, as one tapestry.  And, your role, is just as important as all the roles, being played-out, around you.  Cherish the unique guidance, you receive from The Holy Spirit, and follow through.  Do not attempt to follow what others do.  Do not insist that others follow what you do.  If their thread is to be pulled through, the same as you, it shall be done, if they listen to The Spirit, within them.  And the tapestry continues, one thread at a time, one vibration at a time, one creation throughout time.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Look, and see, and know.  As your years pass, during your lifetime, upon Earth, you come to see, how things, of the past, are now helping thee move into tomorrow, valuable lessons learned, and carried, and treasured.  And you carry them with you.  And as you go, you continue to grow, in The Ways of God, because it is so.  Do not be so concerned about what is happening around you.  Be more interested, and focused, on what is happening within you; for that, which is happening, within you, is divine.  The wisdom that comes from within you is your wisdom, and it too is divine.  Let The Ways of God bless your life, as you go.  And, as you do this, just by seeing you, follow the guidance, from within, you give others permission to grow, in this way, not demanding, with your words, compelling with your life, how you live it, all you say, and all you do.  You are meant to be the living word, too.