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February 12, 2022



      Every day you are given the opportunity to bless many people.  They pass you on the street, or in a hallway, they flow in and out of your day.  Sometimes, their circumstances call attention to them, how they are dressed, what they are saying, or doing.  What is your response, to the call?  If you find your focus drawn to another person, it is a sign.  Do you dismiss the sign?  Do you dismiss their presence, think less of them, or turn away?  What do the actions you take say about the encounter?  Do you embrace the chance to bless?  If not, that is exactly what you should begin doing.  Rather than making a judgment about the person, wandering the room, with no apparent place to sit, or stand, bless them.  Rather than making a judgment about the person you consider disheveled, or unclean, bless them.  Rather than make a judgment, bless.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Every day is a learning opportunity.  Accept, the gift, and bless all you encounter today.  Resist the temptation to judge.  Bless today.  Let the love of God flow through you, washing away the desire to mock, berate, or belittle, the circumstances of others.  Bless today, and you will be blessed today.