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February 13, 2022



      “I AM with you.  At this present piece of eternity, I AM with you to bring you the peace of eternity.  I AM with you so you might feel, and know, Me better, in a personal way.  I AM reachable.  I AM the Way Shower.  I AM speaking, so you might hear, The Word of God, and know, The Way of God.  So, be still, and listen.                                             

“As you make your journey over the Earth, you will encounter times, and people, which will tempt you into judgment of others.  These temptations will come in many forms, but they will be strong, because they will wear the cloak of justice, or even good intentions.  The temptation will often be based on, ‘an eye for an eye.’  If you listen to the argument, of those tempting you into judgment, it will soon seem to be justifiable to hate another, to be angry with another, or even to cause harm to come to another.  And this position is a slippery slope, leading you away from The Light into darkness and shadow.

      “I AM asking you to seek guidance from The Holy Spirit, whenever faced with such challenges.  Once you make the decision to search for The Wisdom of God, The Holy Spirit will provide that which you seek.  There will be no need to find the words to say, because they will come to you, in answer to your prayer.  There will be no need to decide, as to when, or where, you will respond, because The Way will be clearly defined, from within you, in answer to your prayer.  And, when you speak, no matter when, no matter where, you will become the living word of God, because that is what you sought.  In time of need you sought The Ways of God, and The Wisdom of God was given unto you.  You knocked, and the door was opened.  You asked, and it was given unto you.  That is the promise.”


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