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February 13, 2022



      Make sure you are not an impediment, on the path, of another’s, earthly journey.  Be mindful that you do not withhold forgiveness, kindness, care, and love from another.  Do not deny love, respect, nor comfort, based on your act of judgment of another.  If you are living within My Light, and open to My Love, flowing into, and through you, you cannot be harsh, unkind, or meanspirited, because My Light, will guide you, and My Love, will show you The Way to forgiveness, kindness, care, and love for others.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have the power to forgive, to be kind, to care for, and love those who are seeking, asking for compassion, and understanding.  Do not permit your power to be usurped by the energy of judgment.  Rise-up, and open to: God’s love for you; God’s forgiveness for you; God’s kindness for you; God’s care for you.  Let these gift’s, flowing from God to, and through, you, pour onto the Earth, delivering the blessing of God to all you encounter.  For, as the blessings flow through you, you too are the recipient of the blessings of forgiveness, kindness, care, and love.  As you deny others, you deny yourself.  As you bless others, you bless yourself.  As you live The Word of God, you become the living word of God.