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February 14, 2022



      Living a life free, happy, content begins with knowing who you are, and what you believe, what you know to be true.  It can be easy to listen, to another, and follow, their path.  But, once upon the path, it gets much harder, to follow, in the ways of others, to conform, to the beliefs of others, when you, yourself, are not sure.  This surety comes, when you go within, and sit, with The Counselor, I sent to you, My Holy Spirit, and ask the questions, and receive the answer, that is meant for you, and you alone.  When you reconnect, once, or twice, or more times, a day, with Me, in this sacred way, you grow in confidence, every day, knowing who you are, what you know, what to say.  You are no longer mimicking, the man next door, or someone miles away.  You are listening to the words, I choose to say to you.  You are hearing, the words, I choose to say, and in this way, you grow in happiness, and freedom is yours, with confidence.  Rise-up today, begin sitting with Me, ask the questions, so you might receive the answers you are seeking, and then, go about your day.  Do not seek, in the world created by man, that which is given you, held in My hand.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Come.  Let us prepare for today.  I will tell you this.  You are a child of God, a son, or daughter, of God.  You are upon the Earth, and today, you will make your way through the portion, of this piece of eternity, that is with you now.  Have the courage, and the strength, to walk into this day, blessing all you see, in a sacred way, holding respect, and honor, for those you meet.  The path, The Way, is there, at your feet.  Now, walk in it.  Stay with Me, and we will elevate this day, so you can see, all, that is set before you, is truly eternity.  It is The Way.  Walk in it.