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February 17, 2022


      It is difficult for you to understand, eternal live, because you live more, in your physical body; and you look around you, and you see, most things, have a beginning, and an end, a time to live on Earth, and a time to pass from the ways of Earth.  You see these things, with your eyes, your physical eyes, making it even more challenging to comprehend, eternity, and eternal life.  You see those who say, I love you, one day, yet another day, the love is no longer there.  It seems, to have lived, yet died.  There are examples, of the physical, existing, and no longer existing.  The only way you can grasp, the most minute understanding, of eternity, and eternal life, is to live, within your spirit, because, within your spirit, there is comprehension, of eternity, because, your spirit is, of eternity.  When you live, within your spirit, even for a few minutes a day, these mysteries come clear to you.  Clarity is yours, for a while.  My love for you is eternal, unending.  I invite you to live, within your spirit, for a while, today.  Be still.  Go there.  Speak with My Spirit, that is, within you, seeking understanding, of eternal life, eternity, in a sacred way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you see Earth, from space, it is beautiful.  And as vast as it might seem to you, while you are upon the Earth, it is complete, it is concise, hanging there, the beautiful, blue planet.  You see this.  You know it, even if it is only in pictures in a book, or in a movie that does show it so.  But space has no limit.  It goes on, and on, and on.  You will never find the end of space.  The planets you know, the stars you know, the galaxies you know, are held, within space, which is just that, space.  It is never ending, just as God’s love is never ending, because God is Spirit.  You are spirit.  Go, and sit, with the you, that is the spirit, and you will begin to comprehend eternity, and eternal life, and all that has been, is now, and ever shall be.  You will not find it, in the physical world, for it is held, in The Hand of God.  Sit, and be, held, in The Hand of God.