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February 18, 2022



      You can say, all the right words, and carry-out each of the prescribed deeds, but if your heart is in shadow, and darkness, it can taint both of these, your words, and your deeds.  There are societal demands, which many carry-out, just because it is a requirement.  But the heart is not in it.  The heart is not loving.  And so, they become just words, just deeds.  Go to your heart, first.  Cleanse your inner landscape.  Let your spirit, and your soul, sing-out, with compassion, and love.  And then, permit your spirit, and your soul, to fill your heart, with good, and light.  And then, let that light flow-up through you, and bring your words to the surface, words of peace, and love, and compassion.  And then, the words will fuel the deeds, of the heart, the soul, and the spirit.  In this way, your words, and your deeds, will not be empty.  They will be filled with the light of your soul, and spirit, and your heart will sing, and your words will come, and your deeds will be the ultimate showing of that, which is upon your heart.  In this way, you are the authentic being of light, walking upon the Earth, a being of spirit, walking upon the Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be mindful of your words, and deeds.  Speak blessings, of truth, which come from your heart.  Perform deeds, of love, and compassion, which come from your heart.  Keep your heart pure, so that it might be filled with the love, and the light, of God.  Do not carry-out, in the light of day, deeds, do not speak, in the light of day, words, which are fake, and false.  Cleanse your heart, and let it be, because your heart will guide thee, to say the words, to perform the deeds, that spring forth from love, which will bless both of these.