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February 19, 2022



      Close your eyes, and walk, into the desert.  Come into the desert, with Me.  See the desert, before thee, and come, follow Me.  For, in a place, such as the desert, there is very little distraction.  You are not tempted, to go this way, or that way.  For, you look around you, and all you see, is the vastness of the desert, and you feel the vastness of Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The physical desert is not close to most of you.  It is not possible for you to walk into the desert, right now, in the physical way.  But you can close your eyes, and imagine, a desert, stretched before you, and imagine, yourself, walking into that desert, following The Call of God.  It does not take long: for you to feel, the call, of the beckoning; for you to hear, the whisper, from within.  Walk into the desert, and listen, for that is where you begin to have an inkling of the vastness of The Presence of God.  And there, with your eyes closed, walking into the desert, you feel The Presence, and know God is with you; and there is comfort: as He molds you; as He tells you the stories; as He fills you with wisdom; as He takes the one, who walked into the deserts, and constructs one, who walks with God.