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February 16, 2022


      Follow the lamb, which will lead you to the lion, and sit with the lion, and the lamb.  Follow the deer, which will lead you to the viper, and sit with the viper, and the deer.  Follow the child, which will lead you, first, to the desert, then to the woodlands, and walk with the child, through the desert, into the woodlands.  For, the lamb would not go to the lion, nor the deer to the den of the viper, nor the child through the desert, into the woodlands, unless they were sure of the peace already established there.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Seek the meek, the mild, the humble, who go where others dare not go.  They go, with confidence, not fear, because wherever they go, it is clear, the path is made ready for them.  For, the meek, and the mild, and the humble, will not rattle their swords, and threaten.  They go, when The Hand of God calls them, forward.  Therefore, they know it is right, and it is time, to rise-up, and go.