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February 22, 2023



      As you walk into the desert, where I shall mold you, and form you, into the purest love, which is My Love for you, let your heart sing, with great joy, as your Creator loves you, so.  My love gives you life.  We have always been one, but the oneness is magnified, in the awakening, and the bonding, in The Light of Truth, which is My Love for you, and all My creation.  Enter the desert, taking none but your willingness to grow in love, and desire, to serve others.  It is, in My Name, you are sent forth, to bring love, and peace, to all who are troubled, and cry-out, in the night.  In answering the call, you need only carry your peaceful presence, as a lamp, before you, for all to see, and know, The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is in the desert you will come to know stillness of spirit, wisdom of the soul, desire of the heart, each, of which, is beyond that, which humans can touch, or take, from you.  It is in the desert, you will come to know God, and where the going in becomes a sacred pilgrimage, to be taught by God, at the lap of God.  In the desert you will know, the face of God, and you will be at peace.