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February 25, 2023



      Rise-up and see the glory.  Rise-up and meet the day.  The day it is now dawning.  Rise-up and let us pray.  My love for you is eternal.  That you know this, is as I pray.  My love for you is constant.  That you know this, is as I pray. My love for you is unconditional.  That you know this, is as I pray.  As I exist, so too do you.  For I have breathed into you the gift of life, and it shall never leave thee, for My love for you shall never die.  Therefore, you shall live, as My love lives, within you.  It is My gift to you, and this gift of life will never leave you.  We are one.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       See the glory of God’s creation all around you.  You can see God’s love in the trees, and flowers, and birds, and in you, for you are sacred as are these creations of God.  When you see the glory all around you, breathe it in.  Take it deep into your lungs, and slowly release the breath, breathing back, into all around you, your thanksgiving for the breath of life, for your life, for your eternal life.  God loves you, therefore you live, eternally live.