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February 26, 2023



      “I AM with you.  Though it seems impossible to see Me, with you, it is not.  Look into your soul, and recall.  Remember.  For, it is in the secret remembering, when you wash away, all that seems impossible, and see with the eyes of possibility, and faith, and therein you will see, in The Light, and know God.           

      “Take but a moment, to close your eyes, and breathe deeply, sensing all around you, but turning from it, by choice, to travel, within your sacred self.  Do not hesitate to make the journey, when you feel the call.  The call will rise-up, from within you, and it will lead you, into The Light that is, within you.  There is no time of day, there is no time of night, which will bind the call, the whispering.  And so it is, the call will come, when you are ready to respond, with confidence, knowing it is God, speaking your name.  And only God will know that time, that exact place, along The Way, marked for you.

      “The call will not threaten, push, or prod, as it comes from God, The Creator of The Gift of Freewill, which was given unto you.  No, the call will fall sweetly, upon your heart, stirring ripples, within the cup of love, therein.  And the cup will overflow, with the love, caressing, as it goes, your heart, into remembering, from whence it came.  And in that sacred communion you will speak The Name.

      “This call, when it comes to you, is the same call, which led me into the desert, those thousands of years ago.  And it is The Voice, calling you to enter the time, where you are, suspended between Heaven and Earth, to be taught by Our Father, God.  Be still and know The Call, The Voice, The Eternal Parent.  Be still and know God is, calling you.”