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February 4, 2024


          Be still, be quiet, and I will speak with you, so you might know, you are not alone, that there is so much for you to see, and it is all with you, now.  Do not be afraid of changes, which might befall you, for in the change there is growth, beauty, continuity.  When you sit by yourself, in quiet, in nature, it is much easier to understand that which I AM saying unto you.  Do not fear change, as it will come, as it must, for the continuation of eternity cannot occur, without change.  And you are of eternity, so you are of change.  Fear not.  It is all beautiful, and so are you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           You do hear Me.  Sometimes you hear Me with a feeling, or a sign, or a knowing.  No matter how it occurs, you will hear Me, and in the hearing know you are not alone.  Welcome the coming of change, for without it you will not grow.  You no longer wear the clothing you wore when you were the age of ten.  And as you continue into eternity you will no longer wear the clothing you are wearing now.  Each change will be different, but this I assure you.  Each change is worth the experience awaiting you, for it is eternity continuing, within you.