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February 5, 2024



          Purification.  Do not run from the word, nor turn from it.  You take part in it every time you prepare for bathing your physical body.  You do not step into a shower, or tub, without removing your clothing to thoroughly cleanse your body, removing all which has gathered there, during the course of a day or two.  When you wrap yourself in the towel to dry, you feel refreshed, renewed.  And the clothing you step into is new, clean.  You are ready to begin or end the day, purified in the waters, adorned with clean garments.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Just as you strip clothing from your physical body in order to bathe completely, it is vital, to your spiritual health, to do the same, within.  Go into a room, close the door, and prepare to cleanse and purify your spiritual body.  Strip away the garments of pride, guilt, anger, or intolerance.  Cast them from you, and step into the living waters of God’s love for you.  Let the waters of grace flow over your head, and down your face, touching every crevice wherein there might remain energies of greed, or fear, or other such energies, lurking there.  Feel the blessing as the living water renews and restores your spiritual body.  Then wrap yourself in the warmth of purification of your spiritual body.  Cleansing, purification, make them a ritual you seek, ready to don a garment of light, and freedom, standing made new, in the light of all that is, all that is you.