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February 7, 2022



      Know Me.  Many of you are struggling to know Me, because you are not doing it in, the simple way, the pure way.  Go outside, and look, at a tree.  Draw near, to the tree.  Touch, the tree.  And do the same with the soil, and the grass, and the bushes, and the flowers, and all around you, that springs forth from the Earth, nurtured naturally, by the Earth, by the sun, by the rain.  In the way you get to know Me, because you see what I have done for thee.  You see what I create.  And, in this way, you come to know Me.  It is simple.  It is pure.  It is truth.  Do not try to think it through.  Touch it, live it, breathe it through.  Then, you know Me, in a most intimate way, because you know that which I do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       In the world, created by man, you look around, and you see, what a member of your family, or a friend, or a peer, is doing.  And you can see what they do, and you hear what they say.  And in this way, you feel you know them.  You see, what they do, and that, which comes, from what they do.  You hear, what they say, and know that, which comes, from the words they say.  This is the same way you draw nearer to God.  Who can make a tree?  Look at the snow-capped mountains.  Look at a meadow, filled with flowers, in the spring.  Look at the ocean, as it comes to the shore, and recedes, once again.  And when you look, and see, and hear, draw near, because you are looking, and seeking, and hearing that, which God does.  You know God in this way, in a simple way, and it reaches into you, and touches your heart, in a more powerful way than words from a book, or words in a song, or a painting, or some type of picture.  It is real.  It is simple   And, it is true, because you are seeing what God does, all around you.  And, you know.