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February 6, 2022



      When there is plenty, there is laughter, and song, and dance, all the day long, and into the night.  When there is lack, there is crying, and worry, frustration, and fear, all the day, and into the night.  But if you pay attention, what you consider to be plenty, or lack, has to do with the physical, the world in which you live.  It has to do with money, and possessions.  If you will come to the core, of your being, which is spirit, and live in the spirit with Me, all the day, and all the night, there will not be plenty, or lack.  It will be as it is meant to be.  And when it is time for you to do something, you will have what you need, to accomplish your goal.  There will not be a variance from lack to plenty.  There will be My hand to hold, knowing that you have everything you need.  Lack, and plenty are experiences of the world, created by man.  When you take My hand, and walk, within The Realm of Spirit, there is peace, and quiet, and tranquility.  There is all you need to be happy, and joyful.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       What you experience is what you know.  What you read, and take into you, is what you know, information stored, within your being.  And as you walk, upon the Earth, as a human being, the temptation is to put all your trust, and hope, in that, which is of the world, created by man.  But if you exist, primarily from spirit, lack does not loom over you.  There is no expanse between plenty and lack.  They are naught.  What is, is that you have everything you need.  It comes to you, as the need is there, and you follow through.  It is a different way of looking at the experience.  It is a different perspective, from The Realm of Spirit.  Now, if you can move yourself into The Realm of Spirit, by taking The Hand of God, this blessing of The Realm of Spirit, this blessing of having all you need, at the appropriate time, will move into, and moderate, your experience on Earth, regarding plenty, and lack, and you will be in balance.  You will not swing back and forth, between one and the other.  The Hand of God will lead you along the path, where you will know balance, and you will know peace, and you will be joyful in the knowing of it.