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February 8, 2022



      When you doubt your worth, I know your worth.  When you doubt you are loved, I know you are loved.  When you doubt you can love, I know you can love.  When you doubt you can be forgiven, I know you are forgiven.  When you doubt you can forgive, I know you can forgive.  When you doubt your kindness, I know your kindness.  When you doubt your courage, I know your courage.  When you doubt your strength, I know your strength.  When you doubt, call on Me, and I will tell you that which I know.  When you doubt, I know.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will be times when you will doubt, as the energy will sneak into your thought, and plant a seed.  With a whisper of doubt, the seed will sprout, and begin to grow.  It is the same with shame, fear, guilt, and dread.  The whispers, and murmurs, filling your head, will tempt you to remain, trapped within doubt.  If you are not mindful, the whispers, and murmurs, will grow, luring you to dwell with shame, and fear, guilt, dread, and doubt.  When you hear these whispers, know it is not Me.  For I will not say such things to thee.  When you hear these whispers, know it is the spirit of darkness, and shadow, attempting to distract you, from that which you are destined to do, from where you are destined to go.   When you are tempted so, call upon Me, and I will lead you to The Light, where we will overpower: your doubt with The Truth of God; your shame with The Glory of God; your fear with The Promise of God; your guilt with The Forgiveness of God; your dread with The Power of God.  When you doubt, call on Me, and I will show you The Way, in The Light of God.