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February 9, 2022


      My creation continues.  It does not end.  It moves out, growing in speed, and power, not slowing down, nor diminishing, but growing stronger, by the hour, that you might keep, and to know.  The measure, of My love for you, also has no limit, no boundary.  It is not confined, nor restricted.  And, as all of this is happening, continuing, growing, you too, My son, My daughter, will continue, and you will grow.  The body will fall away.  Your physical body was not meant to stay with you, forever.  It is a garment you wear for an Earth experience.  But when the experience is complete, you return to your natural state, your eternal state.  I created you to live forever.  And so, it is.  The things that man creates, the buildings, that reach high, up into the sky, the automobiles, which are your transportation, taking you from one point to the other, houses, clothing, dishes, pots, equipment, of all types, all these things, will ultimately fail, or go slower, or diminish, and then crumble.  But My creation will not crumble, nor shall you.  My Glory shines within you, and can shine through all you do, if you remember, who you are, and the majesty, that is all around you.  All of Earth is connected.  Remember this.  There is a continuation, which you will not appreciate, until you are still, and quiet, and ask for guidance, so that you might see, and know, all the possibilities, that are, within you, so you might grow, and increase, and be stronger, in My Power.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are many things, which you purchase: some, perhaps once in your lifetime; some, perhaps every now, and then; and some, on a weekly, or daily, basis.  These things your purchase to replenish, or repair that which you have.  But that, which comes from God, need not be replenished, need not be repaired.  It moves out, in its eternal travel.  I AM within you so that you might know The Way.  You are to walk, and to fit, in this eternal plan.  It is a majestic plan, coming from the hand of a Benevolent God, who is The Source, who is The Provider: wherein you gain your strength, your courage; wherein you place your faith, and trust.  And it is rightly placed.