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January 19, 2024




          Do you see Me?  Do you hear Me?  Still know, I AM standing with you, in all you do. I will not go, nor turn away.  I will be close to you, drawing you near to Me, and together we shall be, for that is how it is meant to be.  If come the day, you turn away, I will not falter in My love for you.  I will stay, waiting patiently, just where I AM, until you come Home and sit wit Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Know, in all ways, that I will not quit my place, for I was sent to be with you, especially when others around you fail, and fall away.  So, let it be, in all that is, that I AM you advocate, you guide, your counsel, and I shall bring you comfort.  From within you, will come The Whisper, stirring first, so tenderly.  No one else will hear Me, but you will know, because I dwell within thee.  It is a most beautiful mystery, The Presence with you, so you might know God, in a personal way, from within, forever and always, throughout eternity.