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Janary 18, 2024


          Do not toil in the ways of gloom, for to do so will only lead you deeper and deeper into sadness and hopelessness.  You are meant to dance in The Light, and sing the songs of eternal glory, so that the energy of the vibration will lift you up.  When you sit in doubt, do not sit long.  Come and sit with Me where there shall be no gloom, sadness, hopelessness, nor doubt.  Sit with me and we will find all revelation, in The Light.  Come.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           It can be easy to allow yourself to slip into gloom, studying the ways of sadness and hopelessness.  You will find many who will tell you that the time you spend in such energies is necessary for you to appreciate The Light.  This is not true.  You do not have to know darkness to know The Light.  Seek first The Light.