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January 20, 2023


      I did not send you to Earth to suffer.  I did not create the obstacles, and challenges, that will face you, upon the Earth.  These things are pieces and parts of the lessons that you desire to overcome, with the gifts you have been given.  As you move over Earth, these obstacles, and challenges, will come to you, as they are of the Earth.  But you are walking upon the Earth, incarnate, spirit in flesh, so that you can see, and move, these challenges, and obstacles, that are plaguing thee.  You can do it because your spirit intends it to be done, and you have the gifts to use so that it might be done.  Rise-up and connect.  Let your flesh know your spirit.  And let your spirit guide you into courage, and strength, using the power that you have been given, so that you might move, every day, and step over anything that is put in your way, so that you might use the power you have, within you, to accomplish the mission, and return Home.  The mission is of your making, your desire.  The gifts are given unto you so that you might complete your mission, and have your desire rise-up to the level of knowing, and wisdom, through all that you are showing, as you walk upon the Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not fear the events of the day for they are there, they come to you, because you are upon the Earth.  And the world of man creates many diversions, many distractions, many challenges.  But you are equipped to face such things, and move through them, using the gifts you have been given.  So, rise-up, and be ready to greet the new day, knowing that no matter what comes your way, you have the power to move through it, and continue your journey upon the Earth.