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January 29, 2022



      The path to glorious perfection begins with one step at a time, one word of kindness, one deed of compassion, one thought of mercy, and love, and light.  You must begin with the smaller things, because then, all together those small things, ring-out, and sing-out, a song.  And that song is of My ways.  The path to glorious perfection is trod through your lifetime, choosing the light, over shadow, or darkness, one choice at a time.  And then, all of these one words, one deeds, one choice, come together, and it is a thing of beauty to see, what you can create when you walk the path to glorious perfection, walking toward Me.  My out-stretched hand is waiting for thee.  Come closer, one step at a time.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is a decision for you to make, which way you turn, which step you take.  The choice is always yours.  The cause for celebration is always created by you, and your choices.  And since the choice is yours, you cannot point a finger to this one, or that one, saying that what you chose was what they led you to do, forced you to do, coerced you to do.  In the end, the choice is always made by you.