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January 30, 2022


      “I AM with you.  In celebration, of this new day, I AM with you.  I have come to say, there is so much more, than what you see, than what you know, or think you know.  And when I come, and we walk, and we talk, more is given to you, than you had before.  Each time you respond, to the call, I AM there, to tell you more.  For, there will come the day, when you will know all there is to know.  I encourage you to be still, and sit with Me, and let us speak of eternity, and life, which lasts forever.                                       

“There is great importance: to finding the time to sit quietly; to be still; to get away, from the ways of the world; to be enfolded in The Ways of God.  And this sacred communion, cannot take place, where there is noise, and shouting.  You must, get away, and be quiet.

      “If I play a note, on a piano, and I play it loudly, you can hear it, in a crowd, speaking, and laughing.  But even this note, played loudly, is not heard, in its entirety, because of the noise, around you.  If I ring a bell, carefully, so that it is barely noticeable, you cannot hear it, in a crowd, making noise, at all.  But if we walk away, far out into the countryside, where you hear the breeze in the trees, and the flutter of the wings of birds, the longer you sit, in silence, the more you hear.  And as you sit, in silence, open to all that is around you, the sound of the small tinkle of a bell, is heard by you, clearly.  This hearing is an important practice, to hearing The Whisper, within you.  The Whisper is there, but until you are willing, to take yourself away, to a very quiet place, The Whisper is unheard; or, if heard, heard without clarity.  And this, is why you doubt.  This is the seed of doubt, it is the noise, it is the clatter, it is the clanging, because you are not sure, of what you are hearing.  But when you sit, in a place of peace, with only nature, around you, you become the nature, around you.  You are embraced by nature, around you, until you are one, with nature, around you.  And then, all the wisdom, held within you, comes forth, in a Whisper, that is heard by you, because it is all one.  There is no doubt.  There is no fear.  There is truth, in The Whisper you hear, in a quiet place.”