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January 30, 2022



      Pull down the cobwebs of fear.  Wipe away the dust of doubt.  Cleanup the debris of anger, and hatred, and jealousy.  Clear away all those thoughts, emotions, and energies, that are obstructing our complete communion, within you.  I AM with you, no matter what is happening in the world, around you, with your emotions, or your physical body.  But to hear Me, clearly, cleanse yourself of doubt, and fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, whatever is clouding our union, wash it from you.  As you sit, with Me, every day, there will be so much to say.  And when you rise-up, you will walk away, from our time, filled with The Wisdom of Heaven, eager to return, to the chamber, of our love.  I AM with you, always, but in those times, of sacred communion, we draw so near, that we are closer, than we could ever be, in a physical form, because we are united, we are spirit, we are one.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You know that it is difficult, to see, in the dark.  It is a challenge, to see, in the shadows.  But as you have walked, in the dark, and the shadows, you also understand the clarity of the light.  The light is so powerful, in even its smallest form, that it denies, shadow, and darkness, the right, to overcome.  Clarity, light, energies of power, and might.  Let your light shine, with clarity, and you will know, The Power, and The Might, of God’s Precious Light, which is, within you.