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July 1, 2022


Storms do not last forever. Storm clouds roll in and there is thunder and lightning and rain, and sometimes hail is released upon the Earth. The rain can come down as a torrent, but it does not last. It comes down for a while, and then it ceases. The storm clouds are blown away by the wind, and the sun returns, and the Earth rejoices. So it is with the storms of life. When the difficult times come, they do not last. They are transitory, just like a thunderstorm. They roll in and they seem overwhelming, but then, they are blown out, and joy returns. And there is rejoicing.

And the Holy Spirit says:

When you are in the middle of a difficult storm, take heart. It will pass. The pain—although at the moment seems overwhelming—will subside. In these times, seek the help of your Heavenly Father. In these times, come to me and allow me to give you comfort. But overall, remember, the storms of life are transitory. The sun will return, and you will rejoice.