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June 30, 2022


Unity is a beautiful thing. For when there is unity, people are in accord; they share the same spirit. They desire the same things. They work together for the same purpose. In unity, there is harmony. In unity there is peace. There is much dis-unity in the world. Many people are working toward opposite goals. Many people are in conflict with each other. Many are after their own selfish desires. For there to be unity, there must be a putting aside of one’s own selfish wishes to work for, to desire, the greater good—the greater good of the two, the three, the fifty, or more. I wish for you to strive today for unity. Begin with unity with me. Then extend that unity to your family members, and then move outward from there. For where there is unity, there is peace.

And the Holy Spirit says:

I desire to be one with you. I desire for us—you and I—to walk together in unity—to share the same thoughts, the same desires, the same purpose. This is possible. When you begin to experience unity with me, then you will begin to experience unity with others. For I am in you and I am in others, and in this way, we all can be one.