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June 29, 2022


A stream flows. The water moves from one place to another. But because the water runs, it does not flow with just water. It picks up things along the way that it carries in its flow. Some of the things the river carries are good. It carries seeds from one place to another. It carries nutrients from one place to another. It carries soil from one place to another. It carries minerals from one place to another. These are good for they serve the ground around the stream as it flows. But streams can also pick up other things in their flow. They can pick up pollutants, trash, toxic chemicals—things that are harmful to the soil along the path of the stream. There is a stream that flows from you. Wherever you go the stream flows. It is the energy that you carry with you, and it flows to all those around you. Be mindful today of what your stream is carrying. Because like the stream of water, the stream of energy that flows from you can carry good things—nutrients, that bring life and love and light to those around you. Or, just like the stream, it can carry pollutants—toxins that bring death and destruction to those around you. Be a stream of life today.

And the Holy Spirit says:

Every stream has a source. Your stream also has a source. It is created in your mind and in your emotions. Therefore, be mindful of your thoughts and your emotions. For when these are negative—when you carry anger and resentment and judgment—then your river is polluted. But when you carry thoughts that are positive—of thanksgiving, of kindness, of goodness—then your stream is filled with life. Spread life today. Make sure your source is clean, and life will flow from you to all around.