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July 10, 2022



      “I AM with you: a celebration, of this day, together.  And so, I say, with enthusiasm, I AM with you!  And when you believe it, when you know it, is true, your day is so different.  All, that comes to you, is something we will do, together, for I AM with you.  Though it remains a mystery, to you, right now, this is the dance of faith, that you stand up and say, ‘I know you are with Me.  Come, will you walk with me, today, will you talk with me, today?  Will you be with me, so together, the flowers unfold, the sun is warm, the rain is sweet, the breeze gentle?’  This you can say, and My answer will be, yes.  I will walk with you, and talk with you, and sing with you, and dance with you, for I AM with you.          


       “If you carry the theme, of our being together, throughout the day, your day will different.  When you do so, with enthusiasm, and excitement, and joy, it is even more so: believing, knowing.  You can believe in something, but not know it, fully.  But it is possible, for you, to know, fully, that I AM with you, today.  And that, will change the course, of your day.  As we walk together, and talk together, and move through the day, your pace will be slower.  And you will feel this inner tingling, a signal, a sign, within you, to look, in the grass.  And there, in divine light, you will find a dewdrop, shimmering, shining, blues, and purples, and greens, because the dewdrop, on the blade of grass, is caught, in the light, of the sun.  And, once you notice, that first dewdrop, on the blade, of the grass, the entire lawn, begins to sparkle, because where there is one, there is two.  And where you find two, you will find three.  And soon you will see, all that you would not have seen, before, when you were hurriedly, moving from your front door to your car.

       “Change the course of your life, and make it sweeter, and more complete, by noticing, the journey.  And the journey, can be, as brief as from your doorstep to your car door.  It does not have to be long in distance, for you to find glory, in your journey, just as the dewdrop caught your eye, glimmering, shinning, there for you to see.  But you would not have seen it, but for slowing your pace, walking with Me.  It is possible, for you, to experience a day, so filled with joy, in this way, that you will find it easier, to slow your pace, to look around, to look up, and look down, and notice.  Notice what is happening around you, in nature, because there you will find the signs, of the divine connection between: you and God; God and nature; Mother Earth and Father God.  You will see these things, only, when you slow your pace, so you might get a glimpse, of The Face of God, in God’s creation, all around you.”