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July 9, 2022



      The mental gymnastics, and acrobatics, involved in the intellectual pursuit of Me, can be exhausting, and draining, as you attempt to slip each piece of information into that, which you have been taught, previously.  And this can become struggle when the pieces do not seem to fit, as you go from one book, one author, one text, one teacher, to another, scraping together that, which they know, that, which they were, previously, taught.  The Way, to know Me, is held in quiet walks, in silent prayer, in stillness, when from within you, you know, I AM there.  Why do you believe I sent The Comforter, The Counselor, to each of you?  It was so that you could continue, being taught, by Me, from within.  Seek Me where I dwell, where I live.  I AM within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I come from God, to dwell, within you, so that, when there is a question, you can bring it to Me, and sit quietly, while I unfold the mystery, and the answer, within the question, is revealed to you, in a way that you will understand, and draw nearer to The Ways of God.