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July 8, 2022



      My love for you is constant.  I AM ever with you, for we are one.  And there will be times, when I release, and My children pour onto the Earth, to have that experience from an Earth birth, to a time, I call you Home, and open My arms, and draw you even nearer to Me, ever near to Me, constantly near to Me.  It is a movement, a dance, much like when the ocean, pours forth its treasures, of seashells, and crab, and other life of the sea, onto the sands of the Earth, onto the beach, where they are, for a while.  Then the waves come back, and gather that, which it deposited, into its arms, once more.  The sea gives.  The sea recalls, and claims.  I give.  I recall.  I claim.  I draw you ever near to Me.  We are one.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have so many examples, in nature, of how your interaction, your connection, with God, will be, can be, is meant to be.  The only thing required is you fully participate, because God is always participating.  It is time for you to participate in the natural flow, in the energy, which comes from The Dimension of Perfection, you call Heaven, and flows onto the Earth, all around you, enfolding you, wrapping you, in the present piece of eternity, that God has given you, to walk upon the Earth.  Participate.  Look, and see, because God is ever with thee.