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July 7, 2023



          Where does the doubt come from?  Why is doubt so difficult to resolve with faith?  The seeds of doubt are sown, scattered throughout thought.  The seeds can come from what you hear others say, or what you see others do, from what you read, even classes you take.  When you hear, or see, something new, something which seems to challenge a belief you have held for a long time, it is possible for seeds of doubt to blow through your thoughts.  With a clear head listen, or watch, or read, and then, with discernment, look at the challenge, sit quietly, and sieve the new, and seemingly challenging, through the truth, within.  In this way you will be able to sort through chaos and confusion with confidence, without feeling you have to excuse, or defend, that which you believe is true.  This practice is well worth the effort to master.  I sent The Holy Spirit to dwell within you, to be your teacher in such times.  My wisdom is within you, and The Holy Spirit will guide you all The Way to it.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           I have been sent to dwell within you to lead you to the truth.  I AM your counselor.  When times of confusion whirl around you, be still and sit with Me.  We will use the gift of discernment to resolve all shreds of doubt.  We will work in the garden the seeds of doubt created.  We will weed, and dig, and tend, until what is left to grow is the gift of knowing, which has settled back, within you.  There is no need to fight or defend, just sit with Me, and balance will be restored, again.