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June 1, 2022



      Every piece, of your eternal life, is significant, holds importance, and that includes the present piece of eternity, that is with you, today.  Most of the time, when you consider eternity, you are projecting it, into the future, when it has been with you, all along.  Recognize, realize, you are within your eternal life, now.  Therefore, what you think, and say, and do, impacts your eternal life.  And the source, of the impact, is now, the present, with you.  There will come a time, when you know this, fully.  It would be good for the time to be now.  Make all corrections needed, to live your eternal life, now.  Change your perspective, knowing that what you think, and say, and do, now, is held within your eternal life, now.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When one speaks, of eternal life, usually, it is an indication, that they are thinking, of something, in the future.  Most the time, the thought process, whether it is recognized, or not, is that what you do today, will impact your future life, your eternal life.  But it seems to be the order, of this thought process, that you are separating the two, when they are actually one.  Live today, as if you know, today is a piece, of your eternal life, now.