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June 2 2022


      Look around you.  Breathe-in, deeply.  Breathe in the sanctity, of all creation, carried to you, upon The Wind.  Breathe it in; for, you are walking, within a place, that is sacred, by My creation, of it.  You are moving through it, without even noticing it, focusing on the material, the mundane.  Do not lose sight of that, which is precious, seeking that, which is an illusion, Put your hands, on your chest.  Cross them.  Bless yourself, and then open your arms, and add your blessing, your daily blessing, to My creation.  It is there.  It is with you.  Breathe it in, and let it be.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Slow your pace.  Resist the temptation to hurry.  When you slow your pace, you feel the energy, in the air, all around you.  It is obvious to you, because you are seeking, the experience, of feeling, the energy, all around you.  When you stop, and do this, your next step is to acknowledge, the sacred creation, that was all set, in motion, by God.  And creation is still, continuing.  Acknowledge it.  Acknowledge the creation, of God, and you will realize, the sacredness, of all that is.  It is there.  It is with you.  Breathe it in, and hold it, within you, as you too are a sacred creation, of God.